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WorkPlace Big Five Profile

The Five-Factor Model of Personality is one of the most current, valid, reliable means of assessing personality available.  Psychologists use it as the primary means of understanding and interpreting personality.  The Five-Factor Model is:

  • Extremely reliable compared to other personality assessments
  • Highly accepted by those tested
  • The most widely respected personality model in the research community
  • Highly valid across a variety of competencies and roles
  • Easy to read and understand the strengths, opportunities and potential of those tested

The Workplace Big Five Profile measures individuals' personalities in their everyday jobs.   Most importantly, the Big Five adds a means of understanding an individual's emotional response to stressful situations, which can make or break performance on the job.

The five dimensions measured by the WorkPlace Big Five are:

  • Need for Stability: The level of emotional stability an individual displays in stressful situations.
  • Extraversion: An individual’s ability to connect with others, assertiveness and degree of sociability.
  • Originality: An individual's desire and openness to explore new things, embrace change and attention to detail.
  • Accommodation: The degree to which an individual strives to serve and adapt to the needs of others.
  • Consolidation: An individual's level of discipline, organization and drive.
The WPB5 takes just 15 minutes to complete and the results provide a comprehensive view of an individual’s strengths, areas for improvement and traits that may take them of course.

Workplace Five and Consensus in the Psychological Community

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