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Employee Engagement

With few exceptions, all leaders agree: highly engaged employees outperform disengaged employees. Yet despite the research, the surveys and the focus on engagement, most senior teams report being frustrated at the lack of progress when it comes to building a culture of engagement.

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Leadership Development

With the supply of talent getting smaller and roles getting bigger it’s crucial that current development practices identify and develop emerging and high potential leaders. These leaders have the potential to advance into higher level roles and take on challenging assignments.

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Talent Assessments

If your organization had “the secret sauce” that could predict the performance of candidates and current employees – would you use it? Talent assessments enable organizations to match candidates with jobs that fit their competencies, behaviors and connection skills, ensuring cultural "fit" with the organization.

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Recruiting & Search

As a leader and innovator, PMP's signature Search practice has identified, assessed and ultimately, placed top C-Suite and management talent in leading organizations in every industry sector, including high impact not-for-profits.

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A best-in-class talent management firm.

Performance Management Partners is a best-in-class talent management and human resource consulting firm that provides strategic insight and practical solutions to critical business challenges that directly impact the success of your organization. We assess, select, engage, coach and develop the right talent who can win in today’s competitive and changing marketplace.

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Inclusion: A New Leadership Capability to Thrive in a Diverse New World


Join Leadership Buffalo and  Performance Management Partners, as we explore the current issues and trends in the workplace today. What will it take to be a great leader in the year 2025?  With diversity of markets, customers, ideas, and talent, these simultaneous shifts are shaping a new context for leaders. The core aspects of leaders...

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Becoming a first-time manager is one of the most challenging transitions a person will face in their career. Join PMP February 6-7th and learn how to Lead People.


It probably didn’t take long for your new manager to figure out that the skills that helped them become a high performer weren’t necessarily the skills that would make them an effective leader.  The role of individual contributor rarely prepares someone to effectively manage the performance of other people. Managing requires a dif...

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Can The "Plan" - How to Have the Career Conversations Employees Really Want


The goal of establishing a “multi year plan” for career is long gone. The question, “Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?” once seemed like a strong indicator of an employee’s goals or aspirations. But in a world that didn’t even have jobs like app developer, social media manager or Uber driver te...

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