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Rita Markle Presents at BNHRA's Leader 2025


“As we scan the workplace of the future, we see that everything we know about work – where we work, how we work, what skills we need to stay employable, what technologies we use to connect with colleagues – is changing.”
Jeanne Meister, author of The 2020 Workplace and the upcoming The Future Workplace Experience

The future state of the workplace is becoming clearer and more defined every day. We are now able to plan ahead to meet the needs of our changing workplace with more information about which transformative trends will have real staying power. Join us to get a preview of the ways in which the workplace will be changing and what the best in class organizations are doing to prepare their leaders and workforce for the world of 2025.


  • Discuss how the role of the leader has evolved over the last half-century
  • Preview the upcoming changes in the demographics of the workforce and the technology of the future workplace
  • Examine implications of future changes for your organization and your leadership style
  • Study what some companies are doing to shift their approach to be 2025-ready
  • Learn about the five Leader in 2025 competencies that all leaders must master

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