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Becoming a first-time manager is one of the most challenging transitions a person will face in their career. Join PMP May 8-9th and learn how to Lead People.


It probably didn’t take long for your new manager to figure out that the skills that helped them become a high performer weren’t necessarily the skills that would make them an effective leader.  The role of individual contributor rarely prepares someone to effectively manage the performance of other people. Managing requires a different skill set and becoming a first-time manager is one of the most challenging transitions a person will face in their career.

To successfully drive the organization’s strategic objectives, leaders need to be responsive to the needs of their direct reports - engaging and unleashing their knowledge, expertise, independence, and confidence.   

Our partner BlessingWhite spent several years researching, rethinking and redesigning their leadership development approach to address the specific needs of these First-Time Leaders.   This continuous learning approach includes:

  • Research based content and real-world practice scenarios
  • Modular program design for easy customization and flexible implementation
  • Multiple touch points to increase engagement and knowledge retention
  • Highly effective instructor-led classroom & virtual training, delivered in “learning bursts” as well as a variety of media (mobile, video and social)
  • Unlimited access to an online Leadership Resource Center
  • Peer to Peer coaching
  • Confidential 180° feedback report that blends a self-assessment with the perspectives of FIVE team members (feedback provides real-world framework throughout the course).
  • Pre and Post development activities

Join Performance Management Partners, the only local provider of BlessingWhite content on May 8-9th, 2018 to prepare your First-Time Leaders to supervise, manage, and lead in a way that ensures the success of your new leaders, their direct reports and your organization. 

Register for this exclusive opportunity today
Call: 716.204.2590  or Email: Brittany Dean -

When: Mary 8-9, 2018
Location: HARBORCENTER Marriott 
Cost: $1,200 first participant and $800 for each additional per company

Seating is limited to first 20 participants. 

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