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Inclusion: A New Leadership Capability to Thrive in a Diverse New World


Join Leadership Buffalo and  Performance Management Partners, as we explore the current issues and trends in the workplace today.

What will it take to be a great leader in the year 2025?  With diversity of markets, customers, ideas, and talent, these simultaneous shifts are shaping a new context for leaders. The core aspects of leadership, such as setting direction and influencing others, are timeless, but we see a new capability that is vital to the way leadership is executed. We call this inclu­sive leadership, and research has identified six traits that characterize an inclusive mind-set and inclusive behavior.  Elements of inclusive leadership are echoed in transformational, servant, and authentic leadership.  Understanding and being adept at inclusive leadership will help leaders thrive in their increasingly diverse organization.


Session 1: May 8th
Thrive in a Diverse New World

Inclusive leaders understand the trends that are reshaping the environment and influ­encing business priorities. They leverage the diversity of markets, customers, ideas and talents. Inclusive leaders embrace these elements of inclusion - Fairness and respect; value and belonging; confidence and inspiration. They develop these key attributes ... Commitment, Courage, Cognizance, Curiosity, Cultural Intelligence and Collaboration. They demonstrate the ability to not only embrace individual differences, but to potentially leverage them as a competitive advantage.

Session 2: May 22nd

Inclusive leaders recognize that everyone has unique perspectives and value, and that those differences can contribute to unique business results. While everyone has biases, these leaders minimize them through candid conversations and courageous actions, and by being personally vulnerable and open to learning.

Session 3: June 5th
Leading OTHERS

Inclusive leaders build a diverse-thinking team where different ideas and experiences enable growth. They develop strong relationships with others by networking broadly, adapting their style to meet the needs of others, and encouraging others' development and career advancement.

Session 4: June 19th

Inclusive leaders build a culture in which everyone feels comfortable contributing their true self. This means building trust, respect, and a feeling of safety within an organization. They understand the value of, and tap into the wide variety of cultural differences for the benefit of the organization.

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