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Patti Kinz

Director of Talent Assessment

Workplace Big Five Profile: [ N+E+O-A+C+ ]

Patti manages PMP’s talent assessment process. Her passion is to help people to understand how their personalities, values, emotional intelligence and cognitive thinking contribute to their success. Patti uses the most valid and reliable psychometric tools to provide critical information to help clients make the right hiring, promotional or succession planning decisions. She interprets assessment data and provides behavioral interview questions to ensure the best “fit” for the position, the team and the organization.

Patti also plays a key role in Coaching, Search and PMP’s Career Transition business where she helps individuals increase awareness of their strengths and develop their Career Business Plan.

Patti is certified in the following assessments: Workplace Big 5 Profile©, Hogan Leadership Assessments©, Hogan Values©, Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal©, BarOn Emotional Intelligence©, DiSC©, MBTI©, Strong Interest Inventory and Profiles™ International's suite of assessment tools.

Prior to joining PMP, Patti held clinical and administrative management positions in major health care systems for over twenty years. Her field experience is at the basis of every interaction she has with executives and hiring managers from all industries.

Patti is a 2012 graduate of Leadership Buffalo. 

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT: Finished a full size corned beef sandwich at New York City's Carnegie Deli….and had room for two pickles! 

MOTTO: “If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

HOBBY: Gourmet Cooking

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