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Point of View


  • Talent is the only sustainable competitive advantage.
  • High performing companies value human capital and have a clearly communicated people strategy that is aligned with their business strategy.
  • A purposeful culture is critical for attracting the right talent and for building employee commitment and engagement. Employees join companies but leave managers and toxic work environments.
  • Selection is a top priority - It’s smarter to select the right people and develop them than “fix” poor hiring decisions. Just as important is dealing effectively with poor performers. Managing up or out is an imperative.
  • Talent pipelines and succession planning must be driven by the CEO and hardwired into the organization as an essential business process.
  • Leadership is being reinvented. The best leaders continuously manage and develop themselves, while capturing the hearts and minds of the workforce.
  • Competencies and key attributes must be defined for high impact roles.
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