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Job Profiling

Job profiling is a methodology that helps organizations identify the skills and skill levels employees need to perform specific jobs effectively. Job profiling is used in conjunction with talent and skill assessments and training – to help employers make more reliable decisions about hiring, promotion, and leadership development.

Our approach begins with reviewing a specific job function and identifying and collecting appropriate job performance data.  Incumbents in the role provide vital feedback regarding how a position is currently performed with regards to tasks accomplished and the skills/competencies and performance proficiency needed to complete the job.  This data can be obtained through a combination of interviews, job descriptions, and validation questionnaires and the use of assessments.

PMP reviews the data or job statement with senior management to determine whether this is the way the job should be performed in order to meet the organization’s business strategy and ensure success in the role.  If changes are required to the composition of the job the job statement will serve as a reference point.

For new roles that have not previously existed in your organization, the resulting profile will be the same – our process changes.  We may profile other organizations with similar roles, use pre-existing profiles from our database or conduct an analysis determining how this role impacts the various organizational functions.

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