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Career Development Suite

Organizations looking to build a comprehensive engagement strategy centered on career need to take a multifaceted approach. The organization must provide tools and a clear career philosophy that managers can articulate in performance and engagement conversations. Our partner BlessingWhite’s suite of career solutions is designed as a foundation upon which a customized and strategically focused career initiative can be built.

Career success is the result of a win-win partnership between an employee and the organization he or she works for. It provides sufficient flexibility to tap into the individual drivers and skills of the individual, while staying within the parameters and guardrails of what the organization needs to be successful. Successful career initiatives link career development to the organization’s business priorities.

As a win-win partnership, the three main parties involved have to come to the table with a willingness to partner and work together. These three parties are:

  • Individual: must take responsibility for their career success and job satisfaction

  • Manager: doesn’t need all the answers. But they should support and facilitate employees’ career journeys with an eye to what the organization needs… and they should not be barriers to career growth

  • Organization: must provide tools and also be very clear about their career philosophy – what does a career – what does a bright future look like around here


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