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Leading Out Loud™

Uncertain Times Call for Inspiring Leaders
Inspiring leaders look inward. They connect what they care about personally with their business messages. They create shared purpose by engaging the hearts and minds of others. They earn employees’ trust and provide the meaning that fuels maximum contribution and commitment to action. Leading Out Loud™ develops leaders who can drive business results through authentic communication. This intense workshop provides real-time application of key leadership concepts and communication tools for inspiring action.

The Leading Out Loud Methodology
Leading Out Loud provides not only the “what to do” but the “how to” of leadership that inspires change. Leading Out Loud equips leaders to:

  • Inspire others to greater engagement, ownership and action to create positive change.
  • Create a culture of authenticity, openness, and candor.
  • Connect their personal convictions to organizational strategy.
  • Effectively lead change with or without positional authority.
  • Apply a framework for communicating inspirationally in all situations, venues and media.
  • Answer the questions: Who are you and what are you here to do?

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