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The Coronavirus Effect on Employee Engagement


COVID-19 has accelerated the opportunity for a tremendous culture shift and business transformation – the first of its kind in decades, maybe even ever!

Employees are working from home, balancing work and family and holding a record number of zoom calls on the daily. Organizations have maximized and removed technological hurdles and workplace policies in days not years - businesses and employees are pivoting and performing at record speed. In the words of Dr Seuss and The Grinch “It came without ribbons. It came without bows. It came without packages, boxes or bags.” This is ENGAGEMENT.

A recent Willis Towers Watson study (completed during the pandemic) found 63% of HR professionals believe their organizational culture has improved, 59% believe their employee wellbeing has improved, and 55% believe their employee experience has improved. This data is unprecedented. The question we need to ask ourselves is: How long will the “Coronavirus Effect” last?

Right now, your employees are in rebound mode and are handling one crisis after another and frankly they are still feeling lucky to have a job (with over 50% of the workforce unemployed). What happens after the adrenaline high is gone? How will you continue to be agile and drive change with a hybrid workforce? How will you communicate goals, priorities and even recognize employees that are on the jobsite vs those that are working remotely?

As each of you continue to recalibrate and reboot your plans, goals and strategies and ask for more from your employees onsite and remotely - a focus on consistency, culture and an employee engagement strategy is critical for success. While many of you use our annual Employee Engagement Survey, given the current climate and rate of change required for organizations we recommend a pulse survey. Using a more frequent pulse survey allows you to take the temperature of your organization and keep your culture and engagement on track catching trends early. A pulse survey is 3-5 questions allowing you to quickly measure, see immediate results and respond to findings almost instantly!

As you move from rebound to reboot Will you leverage and sustain the “Coronavirus Effect” of engagement for the long-term or just this moment?

Get Started today. Take the temperature of your organization.

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