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Personality Assessments

One of the most critical decisions a manager has to make is hiring and selecting the right talent that "fits" the position, the team and the culture. 

The single best predictor of a candidate's future job performance is his or her past job behaviors provided they are required for success in the new role. The way in which a person handled a specific situation in the past gives you valid information about how that person will approach a similar situation in the future. If a candidate has worked well with customers in the past, he or she will most likely be effective with customers in the future. If the candidate has had trouble communicating well in the past, it is likely that communication problems will exist in the future.

When it comes to predicting future performance, only three things matter: whether your candidate can do the job, whether they will like the job, and what will get in their way. Personality assessments provides accurate, objective answers.

 In addition to the personality assessments listed we may also use 360° feedback EQ assessments and more. 

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