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Career Outplacement

Career Transition or “outplacement” is an essential tool in today’s economy. As companies downsize, right-size and raise the performance bar, Career Transition services provide support to employees affected by those changes.  

With 2.3 job seekers for every job opening, transitioning employees need more than just a resume to land on their feet. But the benefits go well beyond those experienced by the transitioning employee. Why do great companies provide Career Transition services to exiting employees?

  • To ensure a smooth transition and minimize litigation
  • To maintain the morale of remaining employees
  • To preserve the company’s reputation as a good corporate citizen
  • To reduce stress level of managers involved in lay-offs and separations
  • Out of a genuine desire to “do the right thing”

At PMP, we have a unique solution for all of your transition needs. We work with employees at all levels and from all backgrounds and industries. We work one-on-one and with large groups of affected employees. 

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