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360° Feedback Assessments

High performing organizations commit to targeted leadership evaluation and development to build the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to achieve future success. 

A comprehensive multi-rater feedback tool enables individuals and leaders at all levels to understand how their peers, managers and direct reports view their performance.  

For many professionals, reputation is everything. Yet, there is often a great disparity between how individuals view themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and how those traits are viewed by others. As a poor reputation can be detrimental to an individual's work performance and professional relationships, the ability to understand external perceptions is integral to ongoing professional development.

360° feedback delivers career development insight and identifies areas for strategic coaching.  The report shares feedback from the individual's peers and direct reports to reveal hidden strengths and offer quantitative and qualitative feedback in an easy-to interpret, predictive framework. As a result, individuals can set their development plans to achieve immediate improvement and learn how they can reach the next level of their careers. 


  • Define required leadership skills and behavioral expectations that will drive success in the future.

  • Measure leadership capacity and bench strength in your organization and identify talent gaps. 

  • Identify and retain high performing and high potential leaders. 

  • Establish a framework for development planning to drive behavioral change.

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