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Reset. Get Feedback. Take Action.


It’s Time to Reset. Get Feedback. Take Action and Hold Others Accountable.
Most organizations (and employees) spent much of 2020 reacting to the pandemic and trying to figure out a survival or pivot strategy. For 2021, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we need to navigate a “new normal” where masks, social distancing and hybrid work environments continue to be part of our everyday life. Attraction and retention of top talent is more important than ever.

It’s time to hit the RESET button and shift to Return-to-work, Resilience and Reinvention. Throughout the last nine months employee resilience and engagement have been off the charts as everyone from the top down pitched in to get the job done to keep the doors open. As COVID fatigue continues and we start returning to work how do we keep old behaviors and bad bureaucracy from reappearing?

A recent survey by Towers Watson found that employee feedback and communication is the #1 area of response to the Pandemic and employee engagement. Many of you check in with employees and are doing virtual town-halls to gather feedback. Is this enough? Are you getting real transformative feedback? Keeping your employees connected at every level will be the key to your success.

How Are You Keeping Your Employees Engaged, Connected & Maintaining Resilience?
Many clients are using our Engagement Pulse Surveys to get a baseline and then weekly or monthly data on how employees are feeling and using this information to drive changes to work, communication protocols and HR policies (well-being, diversity, and inclusion and more).  Of course, asking employees for feedback and reporting results is a great way to show you care about their psychological safety and keeps everyone connected and focused on what really matters.

How Are You Getting Feedback on your Managers’ Effectiveness?
The work of Leaders is also changing in this new environment. Use our new and improved Leader VIEW360° for managers (and individual contributors) with “real-time” objective feedback through a multi-rater assessment process. The most effective leaders seek feedback and use this data to drive self-awareness and positive changes in their own leadership behavior – resulting in high levels of employee engagement, performance, resilience, and the ability to reinvent (product, service, strategy). Leader VIEW360° is a core tool for Succession Planning, Identification of High Potential Employees and Employee Development.

Both surveys, Employee Engagement and Leader VIEW360° are proprietary tools that enable you to listen to your employees, provide real-time feedback and are administered by a 3rd party, the only way you can maintain anonymity.

Now more than ever is the time to LISTEN. Start listening today and show you care.

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