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Leading People+™

In every industry, things are moving fast. New technology, new market dynamics, new client demands, and new legislation all require up-to-the minute expertise to tackle the biggest challenges your organization faces. Your success depends upon the commitment, creativity, and innovation of the talented employees across the organization. These smart and independently-minded employees create great value, but can also be difficult to lead.  Often times these individuals are new to management or have been in management positions for a short period of time.


Leaders must be equipped with specific skills to forge engagement while unleashing innovation. For more than 20 years GPStrategies has conducted research which shows that leaders:

  • Have distinct workplace needs and leadership challenges
  • Increasingly have to lead through influence and inspiration rather than authority
  • Have blind spots when it comes to seeing what their teams need and where their leadership falls short
  • Have specific learning preferences (i.e., multiple, shorter sessions, and access to on-demand resources).

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