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Ahead of the Curve


Wow! Its been quite an experience watching and providing support as you lead your organizations through the largest Change Management initiative in our lifetime! Surviving 15 years of behavioral change in 30 days is quite an accomplishment. At this point the real question is, What’s Next as you reboot your Company for the future.

Here’s our Playbook based on best practices of our most agile clients that may be helpful as the economy reopens:

  1. Reset your Business Model. Rethink, reimagine and relearn everything about the business you knew pre-Covid. You are in a period of transformation, not simply BAU with a virtual workforce. Don’t change your WHY, your Mission or Purpose, but use your Planning and Operating System to rethink HOW you are “going to market” in an uncertain future. Reset your Strategy, Annual Plan, Quarterly Priorities and Metrics. Live one quarter at a time while keeping your eye on your long-term targets. It’s going to be a slow road back to economic stability, but you can WIN through a focused agenda with “fanatical discipline” in execution.


  1. Amp up your Culture. I have always preached that “culture eats everything” and this played out big time! Clients who have a culture based on trust, accountability, teamwork and resilience and high employee engagement survey scores, quickly transitioned to this “new normal”. The shift of employees and teams working virtually will continue to challenge the culture you want to maintain/create. Keeping your employees connected at every level is key. It’s critical to remind them of WHY your organization exists. Purpose and Trust have become the currency of the future. Many clients are using our Pulse Surveys to get weekly data on how employees are feeling and using this information to drive changes to work, communication protocols and HR policies. Of course, asking employees for feedback and reporting results is a great way to show you care about their psychological safety and keeps everyone connected and focused on what really matters. You are taking the temperature of the entire organization on a weekly basis!


  1. Align your organization and upgrade talent. Once your Business Plan is redefined, it’s likely that your organizational chart is going to change. What are the critical functions required to deliver on your Plan? It’s a great time to reassess the “fit” of your current Managers and employees. Did they step up? Do they have a Growth Mindset? Many of you have realized you have gaps in bench strength and succession. We are seeing significant talent in the market today. We are already working with several companies to upgrade the overall DNA of their Companies through coaching, teambuilding and recruitment of A Players.


  1. Lead. Leadership is more about people than ever before and great leaders are spending more time connecting, about 2 hours of each day are spent in scheduled virtual meetings with their people. They continue to share optimism and establish a clear narrative around where the company is headed. Recognizing your employees especially during these challenging times and sharing stories that support your Companies Values will go a long way in building organizational and individual resiliency. Plan on continuing these great practices in the future.

Your reboot starts now and PMP can help.

To reset your business plan, amp up your culture and upgrade your talentContact Sharon Randaccio at 716.440.2247 or

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